I LOVE... #1

Spaciousness. Lots and lots of it, but especially slow mornings to myself, and solo moments of peace at the beach.

I LOVE... #2

Feeling that body sigh of safety and love when I feel deeply seen and heard, and receive cuddles from my beautiful man.

I LOVE... #3

Playfulness! Not taking life too seriously, sarcasm, being a child, dancing, singing, and laughing till my face hurts with my faves.

I LOVE... #4

Deep meaningful convos about all things relating, consciousness, and living this weird AF, yet incredibly beautiful, human existence.



A 3/6 Splenic Manifestor in Human Design, Enneagram 4, Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Rising, and Gemini Moon.

I'm a woman with a big sensitive heart and fierce fire-fighter soul who feels deeply and thinks expansively. 

Ever since I was a little girl I felt that I was here for big things and would often find myself thinking I wanted to change the world.

Growing up, my free-spirited energy and mental ability to dream big and look beyond the norm was stifled through ancestral, societal, and generational conditioning (like all of us). Alongside this, my life path took me on learning some major lessons in relationships and love; so my journey has very much been about shedding the limiting beliefs and armor around my heart that took me away from being my authentic self, living in accordance with my own dreams and values, and loving big and hard by facing my fear of feeling big, uncomfortable emotions.

Sometimes it feels like we've been placed into boxes created by society, but that doesn't mean we have to stay confined. So let's break free from who we think we should be based on the dogmatic stories of the past, and start living the fulfilling life we deserve by learning to find unconditional love and acceptance for who we are at our core, and who we're becoming in the evolution of our lives.

Authentic, and true to our bodies, our hearts, and our spirits.



At just 22 years old, my life was turned upside down when my long-term partner of almost 6 years cheated on me. I fell into a deep depression, lost so much weight, and turned to smoking and drinking to try and escape the pain. This dark time led to a pivotal moment where I completely broke down in my bedroom. Feeling suicidal, I found myself praying to God to take me away because I no longer wanted to live in the excruciating pain that I felt. In that moment, at the bottom of the turmoil that I felt which I can only describe as being in an expansive void of love, I had an intuitive feeling to choose myself and start exercising - like God was answering my prayers and showing me which direction to go in. Even though exercise was something I hated for most of my life, it was the one thing that felt like it could give me my strength back. 

As I started exercising, I discovered a passion for fitness that led me on a journey to go traveling to ‚Äėfind myself.‚Äô Upon my return I became a personal trainer, helping other women find their strength through exercise. But I soon realized that focusing on the physical and exercising to look aesthetically pleasing, ¬†was not enough. I could feel deep in my bones that both my clients and I longed for something deeper and more meaningful. We all wanted to love ourselves from deep within rather than trying to fit into some unachievable, ideal body image. So, I embarked on a spiritual journey, becoming certified in EFT (with Georgina Noel) and Reiki (with Emma Depres) so that I could support my clients on a deeper level whilst also healing from my own heartbreak and childhood abandonment (which I later discovered was the core wound that was triggered by my breakup).

As I continued to delve into self-development, therapy, and healing my inner child, I discovered a passion for coaching and empowering women. This led me to create an 8-week group program called RISE to help women feel more confident, empowered, and in love with themselves. I have since taken so many amazing souls through this journey which has had mind-blowing results, and it is now the signature program within my membership group. 

Alongside this, I also became an emotional clearing and Spiral Practitioner (through the Spiral School of Awakening founded by Dane Tomas) which led me to create a 1-to-1 program called Secure Love, to help women heal from abandonment wounds and self-source the power and love to no longer abandon themselves. Having taken 28 incredible people through this masterpiece of a journey, I am in awe of the beautiful transformations that I have witnessed. 

This was also the year I began delving deep into studying the systems of Human Design (founded by Ra Uru Hu), the Gene Keys (founded by Richard Rudd), and Western Astrology. All of which I have a deep devotion to and adore weaving through my work.

In 2022, I became a certified NLP Coach (studying with the Supercoach Academy founded by Kylie Ryan) and felt inspired to create an easily accessible self-love and empowerment membership called The Femmepower Collective. But, as I was getting started, I faced another crisis. I became aware of a co-dependency pattern I had with my business and found myself in a pile of debt that nearly broke me. But I refused to give up! With the support of my own coach at the time, and my beloved family, I took a long sabbatical from my business, got myself a job, did a ton of work to start healing my relationship with money, sorted my finances, focussed on regulating my nervous system, and found myself on a whole new level! 

The break was exactly what I needed to come back more secure and resilient than ever so I could start building my vision for The Femmepower Collective with the level of reverence and heart-centered leadership that it needed.

Now, whilst I am far from perfect and very much still a messy human on my journey of healing, evolving, and maturing (which I am committed to as a lifelong journey), I am more centered, and more in love with myself and my life than ever before, and it is my heart-felt mission to help women around the world to experience the same.  

My story is a testament to the power of resilience, self-love, and the ability to rise from the ashes with a level of grace and desire to live a full AF life that's anchored in service.

I truly believe that every single one of us women has the capacity to heal and transform into the most secure and empowered version of ourselves, where internal peace, safety, and freedom are at the forefront. AND, I know deep in my bones that in doing so, we have the power to change the trajectory of evolution itself. 

For us.

For women. For men. For children.

And for the generations to come.

Because if not us, then who? 

Join me on this journey of self-discovery, deep love, transformation, and empowerment, and together, we can become unstoppable in creating a more peaceful and loving world.

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"I couldn't recommend this course highly enough to anyone who is even slightly curious about this type of work. Uncovering and stripping away limiting beliefs and conditioning is a real game changer, enabling you to see past the bullshit that holds you back from being authentically and unapologetically yourself."



"This course has been the most amazing and the most personal thing I've ever done and put myself through and it's up there with one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. 

I have learnt SO much about myself in so many ways, and I have learnt to completely and utterly love myself, on good and bad days!"