Manifestation Magic Workshop

Join me for a cosy afternoon of manifestation magic on the February New Moon.

Manifestation is a practice that I'm really passionate about and I can honestly and proudly say that I have myself manifested a whole lot of magic into my life that I never felt was possible.

Having tried all different types of manifestation practices, I have finally found what works and that it to debunk the beliefs that are stopping us from feeling worthy of whatever it is that we authentically want to manifest from our core.


This isn't just any manifestation ritual. This workshop is designed for you to begin attracting and manifesting your authentic desires and to teach you how to create a manifestation ritual going forward by letting go of the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from receiving and stepping into your future worthy self.


Sunday 23rd February


1.00 PM - 3.30 PM


Meeting Room 2 (first room upstairs) at Cobo Community Centre

Please wear:

Comfy activewear

Please Bring:

A matt, a pillow, a blanket, fluffy socks, a journal and a pen.

Herbal teas will be provided.

Spaces are limited!