The 'Heal Your Shit' Package

'When we heal ourselves, we not only transform into what we thought was impossible; we heal the world around us'


The 'Heal Your Shit' Package is designed to look at all areas of your life with a focus on retraining the subconscious mind and healing the energetic body in order for you to really live life to your truest potential.


By working intuitively and combining healing sessions alongside self-development and mindset coaching, I will work with you to create awareness, heal your energetic blocks, unravel subconscious conditioning and beliefs, release trauma, reprogram your thought cycles, release habitual patterns and ultimately help you to take full control of your self in order for you to live a life that's harmonious and in line with who you truly desire to be.

In other words... prepare to start clearing the shit that's pulling you back from manifesting the LIFE of your DREAMS, stepping into your own WORTH and LOVING YOURSELF FIERCELY!

 6-month 1-to-1 Package including the following:


  • Initial Consultation

  • X12 1-hour Online Coaching/Healing Sessions (combining the Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, Mindset, Self-Love and Self-Development Coaching) - typically sessions are held once every 2 weeks (unless otherwise agreed) with homework provided in between sessions and ongoing 1-to-1 support

NOTE: Sessions are held online via Zoom, of which a link will be sent to join the sessions.

£222.00 p/month