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TFC is a revolutionary membership currently being designed exclusively for women like you, who are ready to reclaim their power and embrace a life filled with self-love, and heart-centered self-leadership.

In a world where more and more women struggle with anxiety, comparison, and low self-esteem, it's time to rise, step into your authority, and ignite your inner fire.

The Femmepower Collective will be your sanctuary; a vibrant community where you'll find unwavering support, invaluable resources, and life-changing guidance to lead from your heart, learn emotional intelligence, embody feminine empowerment, and unlock fierce resilience.

It's coming soon...

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Hey Beautiful!


A Self-Love and Empowerment Coach for women.

I'm a Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Emotional Clearing/Spiral Practitioner as well as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach. I have also spent the past few years deeply studying the systems of Human Design, the Gene Keys, and Astrology, and love to weave my wisdom of these teachings into my work.

I use my experience, knowledge, and wisdom in the fields of personal power, emotional intelligence, consciousness, and relationships, to empower sensitive women with big hearts to love themselves, cultivate internal safety and freedom, and follow their hearts calling so that they can live fulfilling, heart-centered lives without compromising their values.

My work will help you heal and uncage your tender heart, embody your power, have healthier relationships with others, and unravel the authentic version of you that leads herself from a place of radical self-love and empowerment.

"I am me and I love me! Val has changed that. She has changed my life."

Lorna Whattam

"I now feel like a fierce warrior Goddess who is going to make her mark on the world."

Sarah Brady