I am a healing facilitator, transformational coach and teacher of radical self-love, self-worth, emotional freedom and authenticity.

My work is deeply grounded in spirituality, the chakra system, the 5 energy bodies (the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetical) and the scale of consciousness. With a primary focus on facilitating radical transformation through delving deep into subconscious patterns and conditioning, I am a specialist in alchemising the body, mind and spirit by using groundbreaking emotional clearing techniques, my mindset magic and my intuitive gifts.

My journey into the realm of transformation began in 2012 after a deeply painful and depressing time in my life, which propelled me into the direction of fitness, health and holistic wellbeing. Becoming a holistic fitness coach and starting my business in early 2017, my work has slowly transitioned from focussing on the physical body into what it has become today. 


Having studied and gained qualifications in Personal Training, The Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki and The Spiral Emotional Clearing process, as well as delving deep into my own healing journey, I have an expansive knowledge base and deep understanding of the incredible connection between the subconscious mind, quantum energetics and the human body.


Combined with my intuitive gifts, my work is a magical and deeply healing recipe for radical transformation, emotional freedom and self-love.


"I am here to initiate you into alchemising your mind, body and soul; to teach you how to acquire emotional freedom, how to love yourself regardless of what you're feeling, to release shame and step you into your worth so you can connect deeply to your body and the very core of your authenticity; allowing you to align to your Soul's purpose.


In freeing you from the chains that have kept you playing small, you open the doors to living a life of limitless potential!

Every single one of us is deserving and we each have the ability to create a new reality for ourselves. I am here to show you how. To guide you and to support you on your own traansformational journey; the journey back home to yourself and into your body; the journey back to LOVE."

Valeria Silva





“I must have been one of the last ones to sign up to Rise, worrying about whether it was right for me and whether I would be able to keep up, whether I would be able to share my thoughts and experiences openly with a group of girls that I had never met before.

But something made me take the leap, literally on the day the course started - I just knew I had to do it and I'm SOOO glad I did.

I have learnt so much about myself from this programme. I've learnt how to understand my feelings and thought patterns better, I've learnt that many of my "beliefs" were actually projections from other people and I am now re-learning what I really do believe! I'm learning that it's OK to think what I think, to feel what I feel, to vocalise it and that I do not need to seek acceptance and approval from others for anything I'm remembering what I'm passionate about, what I enjoy doing and I'm actually putting aside time to do more of those things.

I've learnt to forgive myself for past 'mistakes' and regrets and to forgive others as well. I've learnt that other people's negative behaviour, even if directed at me is a projection of their own emotions and is not about me - it's never been about me. Nobody can make me feel a certain way - I have full control over how I react to situations. I've learnt that it's totally OK to say no to things I don't want to do, don't enjoy or don't believe in.

I've learnt that vulnerability is not a flaw and I feel more able to be open and honest about my feelings and opinions. I think one of the biggest things for me, is I'm always worrying about what's next, thinking I need to be doing something different, wanting to do everything and be everything but now, whilst I still have goals and ambitions for the future, I fully accept that right now, I am exactly where I am meant to be and that every decision I have made so far has led me to this point.

I don't feel so much pressure to change things and do things all the time, I feel more relaxed and able to just be...to enjoy and be grateful for what I have. I've learnt that journaling is ALWAYS a good idea. And I guess I had forgotten how much I love to write.

I was so nervous at the beginning sharing my vulnerabilities but can honestly say that the girls were all so lovely, brave, open and supportive and I am so thankful to them for sharing so much with me, which in turn enabled me to dig deeper and to be more honest with myself.

The final Zoom call with the girls was just amazing, to feel so much love and support from a group of strong, like-minded woman made my heart feel very full.

Val was also there to challenge us and to support us every step of the way and honestly the way the course just flowed from one unit to the next, it was so well thought through...the whole experience was magical and I'm kind of sad it's over.

Val's meditations are just I especially loved and really resonated with the inner child work and feel that EVERYONE should try this! It really helps you to feel so much love and acceptance for yourself and to forgive yourself for any judgement you hold for your past self.

And you know what? I cannot wait to step closer and closer towards becoming my higher self and the best thing is that I KNOW it is happening.

I feel so lucky and blessed to have been in the first Rise Tribe and I will carry forward so much wisdom, tools and love for myself. If you are thinking about it, there's really no question - you will absolutely not regret taking part in this life-changing experience.

It's OK to be scared...but just do the damn thing anyway!


“Where do I even start?!

I would and will recommend RISE to absolutely everyone who is wanting to change their life because it truly is!!

I have learnt so much about myself, my life has changed dramatically for the better and I feel like a completely different person to who I was 8 weeks ago!

I have kicked out soo many of those self-sabotage holding me back and I am SO excited about my future. My mindset has changed so much, I feel like I have grown in so many ways but owning my emotions is a HUGE one for me.

RISE has made me see that there are so many other like-minded people like me and I am so grateful to have met every single one of you beautiful ladies!

I cannot wait to start the next programme and see what’s next for us all.

Thank you to everyone of you ladies for making me feel comfortable to share absolutely anything in here, for Grace for sharing her magic and amazing knowledge/advice and for you Valeria for making me see my self worth!"


“Where do I even begin with RISE?!


This course has been the most amazing and the most personal thing I’ve ever done and put myself through and it’s up there with one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.

I have learnt SO much about myself in so many ways, and I have learnt to completely and utterly love myself, on good and bad days!

I’ve also learnt so much about the different methods and crystals used during this course and I’m now, if not already before, slightly obsessed with crystals and essential oils.

Val created such a safe and magical space for us to express ourselves and support eachother throughout.

Being in a group with strangers seemed so daunting at first but within the first 24 hours the magic, the trust, love and support became extraordinary. Due to COVID19 we still haven’t physically met, but we’ve had Zoom calls and it honestly feels like I’ve known this group forever.

It’s hard to choose a favourite part of the course because it was all equally amazing! But I’d probably say the guided meditations and the inner child work was my favs.

There are no words to describe how truly amazing Val has been. She is always there to support, always there to love and ALWAYS there to help guide us.

I can and have walked away from this course knowing my true authentic self, loving the real me and excepting myself fully. Without Val and her guidance, I honestly don’t think I would have ever discovered this much about myself and delved this deep into clearing my shit.

I had seen Val advertising this course for a couple weeks before I signed up and my decision to sign up was so spontaneous! So if you’re on the fence and you’re not sure, JUST DO IT!

An experience I will treasure forever”


After experiencing confrontational thoughts about myself and the situation I was in and the direction in which I wanted to live and conduct my life I begun to ask through meditation if there might be someone who could assist me, and not long after I was made aware by a very good friend of which I had not had contact with for some time that Valeria was offering her services. After the free online consultation with a no-obligation policy I felt confident that Valeria's techniques were worth pursuing. Three sessions later with clarity here I am living in the present moment again achieving and proactively making my dreams happen. I have used a wide range of alternative therapies and methods in my life helping myself and concurrently those around me progress through, and I would highly recommend Valeria as a facilitator to those of you who are reading these lucky peoples testimonials.

Thank You Valeria.

....A Lucky person


I have been training with Val since July. We have worked together and looked at my goals and changes I wanted to make in my life. With this, Valeria designed an individual bespoke package to work on all the elements and my future targets in a realistic time frame.

Since July, I have had EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to build on my confidence and the reason behind my emotional eating.

In 3 and a half months I have lost 1.5 stone, my shape is changing each day and I am feeling so positive with the progress I have made. 

It’s not been an easy journey but with Valeria’s support and daily encouragement it has helped me to try and move forward and progress further with my goals. 

Valeria has given me so many different options to try; that being journaling, meditation and positive affirmations which have made a real difference to my outlook on how positive thoughts can change your life in so many ways.

I never thought I would be able to achieve all my goals and targets and for this I can’t thank Valeria enough for her continued support and professionalism in everything she does.

I would promote her and her work to anyone that wants to take the plunge to change their ways and outlook on life, as she will work so hard and be by your side every step of the way until you reach/meet your goals.

She is an inspiration and one of a kind.


How Val has helped me....
I came across Val a few months ago, I think though a friend of a friend on Facebook. I was/am going through a marriage break up and needed to try and figure out who I was/am. 

I had two EFT sessions which went really well. It gave me a massive kick start to help sort my life out. I've never done anything like EFT before and was totally amazed by how it acted as kind of a release of the rubbish and some negative thoughts. It helped me see that although everything may seem bad at the time it doesn't mean it would stay that way.

I've since had 1 to 1 PT sessions with Val which along with those EFT sessions has boosted my mind beyond belief.

I feel more confident, and look at most things now as a journey & see things like our island/world etc in a different way. My fitness has definitely improved too. 

To sum up, Val has helped me to stay out of a rut in my life! I would, without doubt, recommend Val to anyone!

Thank you Valeria! x


Like many, I haven’t always had the best relationships with certain people. Things happen in your past that end up damaging you more than you think, continuing to be an issue throughout your present and future lives. 

I have worked on myself for the past year attending reiki, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy etc to try and release old ‘stuff’ and really saw a different side to myself.

When Valeria advertised her “Self-Love” course I thought it was a perfect opportunity to continue my journey and delve a little deeper into my soul.

Learning to love myself was difficult, I didn’t realise how much I had allowed other people’s thoughts and opinions to cloud my own judgement of myself. 


The workouts, healthy recipes, meditation, and journaling was a real boost to understanding my body and mind better. Journaling was uncomfortable at first and so was the mediation but soon I was able to do both freely and really connect with myself. 


Valeria was so supportive and really made me feel like I was getting somewhere every day. She was very attentive in the EFT sessions really helping me go deeper into memories that I had blocked out. 


I am a true believer in the holistic spiritual approach as it has helped me massively over the past year but I understand it is not for everyone and I don’t think you will truly benefit from it unless you throw yourself into it and believe like I and many of my new friends do.


Thanks Darl, I love you.


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